Monday, 1 May 2017

Get stuck in: Mental Health & Green Ribbon month

Mental health is becoming a more freely discussed topic in Ireland. As someone who deals with mental health issues, it is very heartening to see the conversation become more open, and that more people may feel they can ask for the help that they need. As May is Green Ribbon month, I think it's #TimetoTalk.

I definitely want to share my own experiences in order to help and inform, but I don’t think it would be exceptionally compelling to simply spew out 10+ years of battles with my brain all in one go. I would like to open the floor to you, and ask you to submit any questions that you have.

My own struggles have been with depression (then) and anxiety (now), and I would love to share my experience for anyone who is currently struggling, has a loved one who is struggling, or field questions from people who have no personal experience with mental health struggles, but are curious and want to be more empathetic. I definitely also plan on covering common misconceptions, so if you are someone who deals with some mental health problems and there’s a constant misunderstanding that really gets your goat, let me know.

While I can only speak of my personal experience (and so my views will not be all encompassing), I personally find it easiest to relate when the subject is humanised, and I also hope to create a discussion so that there are many views to consider and learn from.

For anyone who is interested, I would encourage you to submit your question in the contact box below. I will be choosing from the questions and writing a blog post in response, and you will remain completely anonymous.

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